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How do I Find Local, Organic Microgreens Near Me?

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How do I Find Local, Organic Microgreens Near Me?

If you’re an avid microgreens consumer, or if you’re just looking to start trying different crops, you’ll find that they’re not really available at every grocery store / food establishment.

It could sometimes be a challenge to find fresh, local produce pending on where you live.

Lucky, Sacramento, CA has no shortage of quality food vendors/ farmers markets!

Which leads us to our first option.

Farmers Markets

The first, and often most recommended venue to purchase your microgreens – are farmers markets.

We recommend them the most because they allow you to (inmost cases) meet the farmer(s) who grew your produce!

Engaging with them on a personal level allows you to get a better idea of everything that went into growing your food.

What kind of soil did they use?

How are they watering their crops?

Are they organic?

These are all great questions to ask your farmer next time you pick-up produce at a farmers market!

Side note: If you’re ever in Sacramento on a Saturday morning, we highly recommend checking out the Midtown Sacramento Farmers Market! It’s the biggest market in Sacramento county – with over 180vendors (currently)!

You’ll find a wide variety of certified growers along with prepared foods, artists, live music, food trucks, and much much more.

If you visit, be sure to stop by our booth for free samples!

Mention this article for a free gift.

Farmers with CSA or Home Delivery Options

If you’re busy on market days (like many of us are), it might be worth a shot to find out if any local growers offer delivery services.

Many growers will offer home delivery options such as CSA Boxes and Weekly Deliveries.

This would be the next best option, as microgreen farmers typically harvest on the day of deliveries, ensuring that the consumer gets the freshest, most nutritious produce possible.

Grocery Stores

It’s a little further down the list, but certain grocery stores CAN be a great place to find microgreens!

Due to the nature of their limited shelf life, stores are typically more inclined to purchase from local growers vs. regional growers.

Realistically, their shelf-life can range anywhere between 6– 12 days depending on the crops in question.

For example, Basil and Cilantro are extremely flavorful but hard to find because of their extremely limited shelf-life (even among other microgreens!).They’ll start to deteriorate just a few days after being cut.

Crops like Sunflowers and Peas on the other hand, can be stored for up to 2 weeks without too much wilting / browning.

If possible, try to pick-up your microgreens from the grocery store when they’re as close to harvest as possible. This not only ensures maximum freshness / shelf-life, they’ll be tastier too!

Grow your own!

This one should realistically be the #1 option, as it’s always the best option to grow your own food.

There’s something special about watching your microgreens germinate, photosynthesize, and mature into harvest-ready crops.

Sure, it’s a little daunting if you haven’t grown them before – and even more intimidating if you aren’t used to growing/gardening, but we assure you it’s worth it!

For local interest in learning how to grow microgreens, contact us to inquire about our workshops!

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