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The Future of Farming - Growing Up

Your single-source stop for nutrient-dense greens.

Organic Indoor Vertical Farming

We're on a mission to provide the greater Sacramento area with harvested-to-order microgreens, as well as a large variety of organic, nutrient-dense food products.

We grow indoors in order to cultivate the cleanest produce.

Typically, vegetation is left to fight it out with bugs, diseases, and other potentially harmful elements, leading farmers to resort to pesticides and other harmful chemicals to save their crop. Even many organic pesticides produce negative effects on their environments.

By creating a clean, climate controlled growing environment, we're able to truly farm organically.

We currently deliver produce to;

Elk Grove
El Dorado
Reduced Footprint
Locally Supported Ag
Diverse Produce
Precise Farming

Properly Sourced

  • Cold-Pressed Juices

    Vegetable extracts, primarily in juice form, are one of the quickest ways to ingest a wide array of phytonutrients. Our juice extracts start with fresh, never rotten organic materials. Then, they're
    cold-pressed with dual stainless-steel gears at a precise 110 RPM, ensuring maximum nutrient retention.

  • Dried Herbs / Spices / Mushrooms

    Products that require fresh produce are always sourced locally, from partnering organic farms. For specific ingredients that don't grow in California, we source from trusted farmers where these plants thrive best.

"Thanks for the consistent trays! We had never tried microgreens before, but now the whole family's hooked. We put greens on salads, rice, tacos,.. we even snack on them straight from the bag!

Even our kids love your microgreens - the highest praise of all!

They're always super helpful. We love Etum all around!"
Omar & Family
-- Regular Customers

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December 5th, 2021!

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