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Same Food.
New Farm.

Farming techniques have evolved over the years, but the fundamentals remain the same;
grow good food.

Hand Seeded, Hand Watered

While automation is indispensable in some areas, we believe the human touch has its own unique benefits. All your produce is hand seeded, monitored closely, and harvested in small batches.

Benefits of 'Locally Grown'

Once harvested, produce deteriorates at a rate relative to the environment it's in. Nutrients, flavanoids, and enzymes all decay while in storage.

This is why we offer 'Harvest-to-order'.
Nothing is harvested until you place your order.

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No Pesticides. No Chemicals

By utilizing a controlled growing environment, we’re able to farm 100% organically, without the help of any foreign substances.

Chances of any chemical over-spray from nearby farms / facilities is also drastically reduced.

Our crops are monitored and inspected several times daily, ensuring the prevention of harmful insect activity or plant disease.

Less Water

Indoor soil beds are always designed with watering efficiency in mind.

Our vertical farm uses approx. 90% less water than conventional outdoor farms. We take care to use only the water that is necessary for growing.

Every drop is filtered through our multiple-stage purification system; removing all sediments, chlorine, and other unwanted elements.

    Specialty Crops

    • From Salads to Michelin Star Dining

      Each soil bed is populated with diverse crops, each with they're own unique flavors and nutritional value.

    • Diverse Phytonutrients

      Obviously, each plant has its own nutritional value. We currently continuous cycles of over 20 varieties of Microgreens. Our wide selection lets you choose from protein-heavy crops, to antioxidant-heavy crops, to specific vitamin-heavy crops.

    Consistent, Year-Round Production

    Food production year-round means predictable crop-drops for local consumers. Our Indoor-grown menu of freshly harvested greens will stay consistently available year-round.

    We also grow to order with 10-28 days of advance notice, depending on the order. Contact us with your inquiry for specifics.

    More food, less land

    Vertical farms like Etum Organics utilize stacked growing areas, effectively producing 5x-20x the amount of food the allotment could provide using traditional techniques.

    This concept has become increasingly valuable as cities get denser and more populated with commercial and residential structures.

    Indoor vertical farms have the potential to drastically reduce the amount of imported, pesticide-ridden, and/or nutritionally degraded produce delivered to urban areas.

      Clean food

      Since we don’t use any excessive methods to prevent crop loss, you can be assured you’re getting the cleanest produce.

      After a plant has spent its life germinating and reaching peak volume, it’s either immediately cut and packaged or delivered live.

      We like to do as little processing / handling as possible.

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      Organic, Indoor Vertical Farming

      As the art and science of growing food evolves, we’re constantly learning more about what plants need in order to reach peak nutitional value for use in OUR BODIES!

      Our plants are all grown in soil-based media with microbial bio-activity in mind.

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